Craigslist Scams

Scams Continued......

The Bad for your health Apartment Scam

So you find and apartment and decide to go look at it. The room mate seems like a nice guy or gal. You decide to check it out, and this can go bad either at that time or maybe after you move in. What could go wrong? I hear you say. It's a nice apartment in a nice part of town and the person renting it seems really nice also.

This person forgets to mention that they are a Satanic worshiper and that they used their last room mate as a sacrifice to Satan. Maybe they forget to mention that they have been convicted of rape and sodomy several times. Maybe they forget to mention they occasionally like to eat human flesh. Maybe they forget to mention that they plan to make you into their love slave. I know I'm being a little over the top, but the truth of the matter is that the people that are MONSTERS don't have a big tattoo on their foreheads giving this fact away. Some times the nicest people have deeply seated problems and you should really find out about this before you decide to live with them or go visit them at their home turf.

Ways to protect yourself:
* All the methods stated previously.
* Never go see an apartment by yourself. It is not only safer to go in pairs, plus you can also get someone else's opinion of the situation.
* Just like they will want all your information, you should get theirs also. * They will be doing a credit check and criminal check on you, so why don't YOU do the same on them?
* Never go see an apartment at night.
* Always let others know of where you went and why.
* Never be a macho man or tough guy. Men can be overpowered and disappear without a trace also.

Scams continued.......

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