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Problems with Craigslist: Bad Management and Staff

Let's start off with the management and staff. I haven't met them personally so this is simply one persons opinion formulated by his dealings with them. To me they seem to be a bunch of geeks and nerds who couldn't get any attention or dates in High School and are now exacting their revenge on the rest of humanity through their little community called Craigslist. They won't give you any assistance or guidelines in relation to posting but if you make a mistake or infraction, you'll be banned for life. Their TOS sounds like a really good plan, unfortunately they only apply it when it's convenient for them. The support forums are really a joke, for the simple reason that all the staff does is sit back and watch all the little people posting their problems on the forums, yet they wont get involved or post answers. Nope, they clearly state that the forums are for 'Users to help other users'. So you really don't know if the information your getting is right or wrong, and the staff won't chime in with any help. They remind me of a cartoon of a maniacal mad scientist sitting back high atop a hillside castle looking down on the poor peasants and laughing maniacally at the crazy schemes that he's cooking up to bring down upon them. They'll get their revenge upon us normal people yet! When not staring at the computer monitors they probably sit around their cubicles playing with their "Lord of the Rings" dolls. Sorry, my mistake, they're called 'action figures'.

To make things worse, the Support Forums have a rating system built in. A way of bashing you over the head if they don't like what you say. Any post that is made in the support forum has some little numbers next to it. These numbers represent rankings of what the 'Community' thinks of your post. The numbers will be green and with a plus sign if people like what you said, and will be RED with a minus sign if they don't like what you said. The funny thing I have noticed is that only brown nosing comments get green numbers while other posts that are making suggestions for improvements get red numbers. If you post "I love Craigslist just as it is." you'll get a huge plus rating.

Craigslist doesn't openly list information on how to get a hold of a real human, but if you do some really careful searching, you can find some contact information. If you contact them because you have a problem, they will either give you a cryptic response or not respond at all. I guess you could say that from their customer service you get exactly what you pay for, NOTHING!

They act like a click of small minded individuals who haven't grown past their childhood problems and are still resentful of the world around them. I must blame both management and staff, because these problems seem systemic, and they carry through the entire organization (19 employees as I understand). As with any company on this planet, you have to judge them by their actions and their customer service, or lack of it.

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