Craigslist Posting Video Tutorial

Every day Craigslist continues to make life harder and harder for the people trying to post on their site. For some people it has become almost impossible to post on Craigslist. This is why I have created these video tutorials, to help people post on Craigslist. These videos have the most advanced information (the best secrets) available for posting on Craigslist. No matter whether you want to post one ad or one hundred ads, these videos will help you. Whether you are posting in one location of all over the country, these videos will help you. Follow the links below, and get to the videos. If you are really serious about posting on Craigslist and making money from Craigslist, these videos are a must see!

Just click the links to get the videos.

Beginner Level Posting:

This first set of Videos was made to be easily understood by everyone. They are for the casual user that occasionally makes a post on Craigslist. Those people who post to advertise their small business or sell their personal items and who for whatever reason have run into problems with all the Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging. Everything on the first video series is set up so that you can get set up and start posting on Craigslist quickly, and easily. They also include links (in the videos) to free services that will help you when posting to bypass the posting filters, and more.

Beginner Posting Tutorial - Video Download


Intermediate Level Walkthrough:

If the Beginner series is too easy for you, but the Advanced videos might be too hard, we have these middle level videos for you to learn from. These are called the Intermediate level Walkthrough because they do just that. They show you everything from start to finish. You will start by learning "How to create your first Craigslist account" then quickly move up to using various techniques which will show you how to make serious profits from Craigslist. These videos are more technical than the Beginner series, but much easier than the Advanced videos, so they are perfect for the people in the middle. You don't have to be very computer literate to do this stuff. You will learn the easiest ways to do complicated things in these videos. In this series you will learn:  How to use Ghosted ads to prevent future ghosting, How to make your posts stick 100% of the time, How to create your first account, and multiple accounts, Simple, Easy ways to change your IP without using Proxy, How to create multiple posts on Craigslist, Using Hidden Text in your ads to give you good rankings, How to still get traffic WITHOUT using hyperlinks in your ads, Walkthrough on How to use several Auto Posting Software, How to use Blogspot, Blogger and other websites to maximize your traffic, How to use other peoples posts to your advantage, How to make money using the jobs, sales, marketing and real estate sections, How to post and drive traffic to your site using, How to know what sections of Craigslist and Backpage will send you the most traffic, and much more. These videos can be used together with the FREE auto posting softwware that are listed further down this page for FREE download. Download the auto posting programs for FREE, then watch these videos for a walkthrough to learn how to use them effectively on Craigslist.

Intermediate Tutorial Video Walkthrough Download


Advanced - Professional Level Posting:

UPDATE: In addition to the below information, we have added new information that will help users deal with the latest changes at Craigslist. Even with the new pay system, we will show you how to have multiple accounts, have multiple pay methods, and make as many posts as you want by following our new strategies.

These next set of videos are for the more advanced or professional advertiser that has to post much more often on Craigslist. These are for car dealers, contractors, marketers, etc. This is a detailed walkthrough. A much more intense tutorial with greater attention to detail. The following videos show you how to really post hard on Craigslist. These videos will show you in detail how to completely get around ALL the filters that Craigslist has put in place. They will how you how to create virtual private networks, virtual private phone numbers, email banks, and more. After viewing these videos you will be able to post hundreds of ads per day in hundreds of cities. How much or how little you post is up to YOU and how hard you want to work. These videos show you step by step how to post on Craigslist in any city you wish. Included in the videos are the methodology, links to companies and websites that you will need, and illustrations of how to set up hundreds of emails, phone numbers, Craigslist verified accounts and more. Get your paper and pencil ready because there is a lot of highly technical information to take down.

Advanced Posting Walkthrough - Video Download


Monetizing Craigslist.

How do you use Craigslist? Do you use it to advertise your business or sell your products? Do you sell your personal things that you don't want any more? However you use it, I can tell you that you are only using a small percentage of the potential revenue that can be made from Craigslist. How else can you make money from, or monetize Craigslist? If I told you that you could make money from Craigslist without having a product or service would you believe me? You can! You can make a huge amount of money on Craigslist by selling other peoples products or services. Affiliate marketing, link marketing, website marketing, lead generation, etc. There are lots of ways to spend a few minutes of your time posting ads on Craigslist and reaping hundreds of dollars in profit, per day simply by directing potential clients to someone else's products or services. Lots of companies will pay you big money to promote them on Craigslist, Backpage, Facebook, Twitter or any place else. Now that you have seen the Posting Tutorial and can post quickly and easily on Craigslist why not make some serious money from your posts? In this next video series you will be able to follow a walkthrough to marketing on Craigslist, and making hundreds or thousands of dollars per day.

Monetizing Craigslist - Video Download


Make $100 Per Day  -  (Fully Automated)

Are you tired of working on the web and not making any money? How would you like a system that teaches you exactly what you need to do to make money on the web? Not only does this system teach you how to make money, it will walk you through the process and give you a fully functioning website that you can use to passively make money.

With this system you will get
* A series of PDF files that detail what process you need to follow.
* Detailed PDF Files that explain how to market yourself and what to say and do. Complete web marketing process explanation included.
* A complete walkthrough of what you will be doing and how to automate everything. Including resources that you will need.
* Free resources included that you will use or giveaway to get visitors.
* Fully functioning website with all the files needed to set up & run the website. (HTML, Javascript, Images, Hosting, Etc) No skills needed.
* This is so easy even a child could set this up!
* Resell rights so you can set up the process and sell it to others to make money. Make money with your site or sell it & make money.
* Best Part is that you DO NOT need Craigslist to use this. Many alternative methods explained in the PDF.

Download Make $100 Per Day Everyday


For those people

that have sent emails asking suggestions as to what is the best Auto Posting programs to use on Craigslist, I have gathered together all the best programs I could find into this one download. I know some people will ask, "Which one is the best". That depends on your needs. All software is not created equal. I would suggest you download this file and try out the several Auto Posting programs that I put in this file. I did the leg work, now you have to find the one that works for you. In the same file I also included some Auto Flagging programs, & Auto Email Notifiers for you to try. Check out the Intermediate Videos above for a walkthrough on how to best use this software. Link Below:

Auto Posting, Flagging, & More Software Download


Do you use Craigslist for Leads?

I came across a couple of great great lead finding programs that I have included in this archive. They scrape Craigslist, Backpage and All other internet classifieds sites to get you ANY information you want like emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Great for you folks that do cold calling, blanket emails, and any other forms of marketing. Why pay for lists when you can make your own for free with a few mouse clicks.

Craigslist & Backpage Lead Generating Software


Proxy Software:

Do you need a good proxy that will work with Craigslist? These programs are oriented to work with Craigslist. You can control and adjust the settings as your needs change. Below is a link to a software bundle including several Proxy and I.P. Hiding programs to chose from. Use the one that best suits your needs. The benefit here is that you can install them and run them yourself instead of depending on web based proxies which can be unreliable and usually don't work well with Craigslist. Download and use for free.

Craigslist Proxy Software Download


Proxy Not Working for you?

Have you tried the proxy programs and web based proxy servers and still having problems? Well then it's time to move to the big guns. Create your own Private Virtual Server. You can download a detailed PDF guideline that explains exactly how to create your own Proxy Server. This is also explained in the Advanced Video System, but for those of you that want this specifically and don't want to bother going through the entire Advanced Video System just to get this part, it's available separately. Use this link to get it now.

Detailed Instructions To Create Your Own Private Proxy Server


Do you want hundreds of Verified Phone Accounts for FREE?

Here is another piece of information which is also explained in the videos, but for those people that want it as a stand alone solution, you can get it here. This system is in a PDF format and will explain exactly what you need to do to create hundreds of verified phone accounts to use with Craigslist and it wont cost you one dime to create them. Don't bother your friends or relatives borrowing their phone any more. With this walkthrough, you will have hundreds of phones available to you within 30 minutes. Yes, you can get numbers in any city you want.

How To Create Verified Phone Accounts for FREE


How NOT to post on Craigslist:

This is a set of videos that is only 2 or 3 years old and many people still use these techniques to post on Craigslist, but we have found that most of these tricks and methods will get you ghosted now. These videos are to be used as examples of what NOT to do when posting on Craigslist. While some people on the web may claim that these methods do work and are the best methods out there, we have found that Craigslist has already caught on to most of the tricks shown on these videos and using them will only get you ghosted more quickly. Craigslist is a fast moving organization that is always making changes. Even videos that are a few years old become obsolete quickly.

How NOT To Post on Craigslist - Video Download


Make Money uploading YouTube Videos:

Have you ever wondered why YouTube is so popular? Have you ever wondered how people make money simply uploading videos to YouTube? In this PDF you will learn how to easily set up a money making YouTube account. This detailed PDF gives you instructions on how to set up your account for making money, * How to create a niche that people will want to visit; * How to monetize your videos to make them profitable; * How to set up keywords and other SEO techniques that will get you high rankings on YouTube search and all other Search Engines. After all even the best video in the world is no good if no one sees it. If you enjoy making videos and have a computer and any video editing software, this is the perfect way for you to make some easy money. Even a simple 1 minute video can make thousands of dollars in a short time. The best part is that once you upload the videos they do all the work. A few minutes of work can lead to countless money making opportunities. The more videos you upload, the more money you can make, so the limit is really up to you.

How Make Money with YouTube Videos

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