How to use Craigslist for SEO

Are you like most people that only see Craigslist as an online newspaper? A place where people list their goods or services for sale? Well, you are seriously underestimating the potential of Craigslist. It truly did start as an online newspaper, but it has grown to much more than that. It is iconic in many ways and is for better or worse, an internet powerhouse. It can help you sell your products or services, but it can also help you market and promote your website on the web. Craigslist is a fantastic place that used wisely can help your SEO methods in a great way. What is SEO you ask? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Of course it means much more than that. SEO means anything and everything related to promoting your website and getting better search engine rankings. So how does Craigslist help you with that. Well, Craigslist has a high PR (page rank) rate with Google and all the other search engines. So if you are able to get your links on Craigslist, then this will instantly boost your websites likeability on all the search engines. Your rank will go up and your search results will increase. The trick is to get your links to STAY on Craigslist. It's not enough to have a link show up for a day or two and then disappear. Your links have to stay there for a long time for the search engines to crawl it and find it. Here today, gone tomorrow doesn't do anything for you. So, how do you do this? Watch the videos below and you will get some idea of the perfectly legitimate ways to use Craigslist as a promotion tool. Note that there is nothing illegal, spammy or underhanded about what you will see. It is just using your imagination to promote your website. If you like these videos, the videos we have on Ghosting and Flagging are much more detailed and oriented to those specific problems. These are only sample videos. We have more than 50 videos available in the Member's Section.








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