Craigslist Scams

Scams Continued......

Craigslist Fake Name Scams:

What about people who try to take advantage of the name "Craigslist"? Just to show you how incredibly stupid (or they just don't care enough to take care of you, the user) the staffers at Craigslist are, there are people on Craigslist selling phony products and services under the guise of Craigslist. In other words the famous "Craigslist Poster scam". There are people out there that will take your money and claim that they can post in every category in every city every few seconds and get your product great exposure, all this for just a small fee. The only problem is that doing this on Craigslist will get you and your product or services banned. You will be ghosted and no one will see what you paid for. It's doubtful that this person can even make posts since he is probably banned already. If he sells you an automatic posting software it most likely wont work since Craigslist does everything it can to defeat robots. Any auto posting method created for Craigslist is garbage and a waste of your money.

Craigslist PayPal and Insurance Scams:

"" is another one, or "" or      "" or any name variations they can come up with that has a misspelling of the Craigslist name connected to PayPal. Unfortunately there is NO SUCH THING! Craigslist does not have any built in method of making or taking payments. All they do is allow people to post ads, that is all. They are not like Ebay and Paypal that work together. There is also the Craigslist Insurance scam. "If you buy a product on Craigslist and buy this insurance offered by Craigslist your purchase will be 100% guaranteed". The only problem is that this DOESN'T EXIST! Don't give your money to any insurance having to do with your Craigslist transaction. Craigslist is not associated with any of these other services. Also, be very careful when typing in the name of Craigslist. You can wind up at similar bogus sites like, or or any such variations. They will look identical to Craigslist but these sites are created by other people trying to steal you away from Craigslist. They are created by scammers for the sole purpose of advertising their bogus products without fear of the ads being taken down. The scammers run the sites and the ads, so you are guaranteed to be ripped off. If you are ever in doubt, don't click a link. Close the browser and go back and retype the address at the top. This time make sure to spell it correctly. If you can't find the ad the second time around, then you know it was a bogus site.

Craigslist Scams Continued......

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