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Scams Continued......

Ticket Scams:

Sports tickets scams:

There are a lot of people selling tickets on the internet and Craigslist is a popular place for this. When buying tickets be very careful and try not to get scammed. Here are a few good rules to follow when buying tickets from any source over the internet whom you do not know.

* Know what the tickets should look like. You would be amazed how easily some people pass off completely bogus tickets to unsuspecting buyers simply because they have no idea what a given teams tickets are supposed to look like. If you frequent a given team and have purchased tickets to their games before and you know for example that tickets are always colored gold and purple, don't buy tickets that are red and black.
Season Tickets for most NFL teams, have different players on EACH ticket. Usually there is a large picture of the player on the field of the ticket and a smaller picture in the corner. Season tickets also have a raised and imprinted "SEASON TICKET HOLDER" printed on them.
For Season Tickets ask for the sellers invoice to be sure that he has paid for the entire season and not that there is a balance remaining.
Check the account number against the numbers on the tickets.
Contact the ticket agent or team and make certain this account and tickets are legit.
* Always meet in person and pay with a money order or cashiers check to keep your account info private.
* If you deal only online, use PayPal to have some recourse if the tickets are never mailed to you.
* If the person is sending the tickets by mail, insist that they use a carrier of your choice (UPS, FedEx, etc) and that they insure the package for the full value against loss. Too many times disputes arise even in legitimate transactions when a package gets lost as to who keeps the money. If the package is not insured then the problems really start to happen. Many sellers believe that once it leaves their hands that's the end of it. The law has a different view on that, but then again the law doesn't help you collect the money and it may wind up costing you more time and money to collect than it's worth.
* Even being careful there are ways to get scammed. Some scammers have phony tickets printed up and will sell 100 tickets for the same seat. For the cost of a printing they can make a huge amount of money.
Some may sell one pair of tickets to 100 different people. In the time for the tickets to be mailed to you (or get lost in the mail) the person can take your money and run. Even if you agree to pay half up front and half upon receiving the tickets, some scammers are happy to take the half and run. Half a ticket price multiplied by 100 suckers is still a pretty good haul.

Airline Ticket Scam:

This may not happen every day, but if it happens to you it's bad enough.

An ad was posted recently on Craigslist for 2 round trip tickets to (enter your favorite destination here). The tickets were listed for half the price of what they normally sell for. If you contact the seller they would give you some sob story about how they fell on hard times and have to liquidate these tickets quickly or loose the money. So here is what can happen in these cases. The seller books the tickets online using a rapid reward system, or any online ticketing method. The seller gives you the confirmation number. You check it out and it seems to be legitimate so you wire them the money. Do you see a trend here so far? Any time you see the word Wire and Money used together, a
RED FLAG should go up for you.

Anyway, you wire them the money. Then a few days, weeks later you go for your trip. You show up at the counter and find that the reservation has been cancelled. "WHY!?" you scream. Turns out the reservation was made with a fraudulent credit card and was later cancelled. Now you try and contact the seller and find that they have disappeared.

How do you avoid this?
* Get an actual ticket and confirm that it has been paid for in full.
* Buy from the air line directly.
* If it's too good to be true, IT IS!

The "I'm TOO busy" Scam!

What will they think of next you're probably saying? I'll tell you. This is a short and sweet one (for the crooks that is). This scam targets the sellers. You'll get an email from a person telling you to call them to set up the purchase of whatever it is you are selling. When you call them they are way too busy to talk, BUT yes, they want to buy the item. Unfortunately you caught them at a bad time and they can't even write down your phone number. Fortunately there is a website that can help (isn't there always?). So they give you a website address and ask you go to that website and put in your phone number so they can call you back later and make arrangements. Sounds good right? When you go to the website and put in your phone number, later you NEVER hear back from the buyer, BUT next month you will get a phantom bill for $9.95 on your phone. No one knows who it's from or why but you just got taken for $10. Simple easy scam, and way too hard to track down. We all know how helpful the phone companies can be, specially the cell companies. 

Scams continued.......


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