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Scams Continued......

The lottery Scam (One version):

How many of you saw the movie "Matchstick Men"? I thought that was a sad but hilarious movie. It was a con man's movie and it showed a few good cons. In the end the biggest con man (Nicolas Cage) gets conned himself. One of the cons in the movie is the Lottery con. This works also over the internet, but here is how the movie did it. In the movie, the lead girl (the character was around 15 years old) stands outside a liquor store I believe and starts sizing up her mark. She starts crying and some nice older lady comes to console her. She then explains how she has a lottery ticket but she can't cash it because she (insert your favorite sob story here) is either a run away, or doesn't want all her money to be taken by her step dad, or doesn't want her boyfriend who beats her up to get the money. You get the idea. So she convinces the older Lady that the ticket is worth $1,000 and she will sell it to her for $100. (I have diverted from the movie just to make my examples easier). So the greed of this lady takes over. She conveniently walks over to the ATM takes out $100 and gives it to the girl. Easy money for the girl since the Lottery ticket is bogus. There are many variations on this depending how much money and how complicated you want to get. You can buy a real ticket and alter it, or you can have a phony newspaper printed up with winning numbers for a ticket you already own, or you could have the liquor store clerk be in on it, and on and on. It depends how much money is at stake, how far you go with the con. This is also a popular Nigerian scam over the internet. I'm sure many of you have gotten those in your emails. Ask yourself if for every 10,000 emails that get ignored if only one takes the bait did the scammer loose anything? Nope! All this stuff is fully automated so the computer is doing all the work and the scammer sits back and takes the money from the fools who answer the emails.

The emails tell you that you have won 10,000,000 from the "El Gordo Grande Spanish Lottery" or some other made up lottery, or sometimes real lottery names are used. The UK lotteries are popular. Usually foreign countries are used since they are harder to corroborate. You were the lucky one (but you never even entered the lottery) and you were randomly selected and have won this great amount of money. All you have to do is send them a check for $10,000 to cover the licensing costs, transfer fees, excise fees, inheritance fees, sales taxes, and any other BS fees they can come up with. If you are greedy and stupid enough to send them the money, they just made a killing off of you because YOU ARE A SUCKER! I know none of you, my loyal readers would ever be dumb enough to fall for something as obviously scammy as that. That's why I'm here folks. To help you and HURT them!


Scams continued.......


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