Craigslist Ghosting cont.

Why don't my posts show up on Craigslist?

We shall now dig deeper into the following questions:

What is ghosting? We shall explain it in greater detail, and the changes that have taken place.

How do you deal with ghosting? If you have already been ghosted, how do you stop more of your posts or all your future posts from being ghosted?

How do you stop ghosting? How do you stop Craigslist from ghosting your posts to begin with?

How do you prevent ghosting? How do you post under the Craigslist radar so you don't get ghosted?

How do you un-ghost (unghost) your posts?

We shall also explore the scam behind people selling useless verified phone accounts, and how you can easily create your own phone verification account easily, trouble free and totally for free. A lot of these verified phone account people are just another type of scammer that will take your money and run. They are here today and gone tomorrow, (and so is your money).


Over the years this section has become too large and complicated to explain in a couple of web pages, so I have decided to take a different approach. Since most people are very visual, I have decided to create a video tutorial series explaining the best ways to post on Craigslist and not get ghosted or flagged. The series will be explained over a series of videos that you can download and view at your leisure. Go to the Tutorial Page and use the links to get the video lessons. These videos that I am making available to you have a lot of seriously classified information which CANNOT be posted on Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or any other video upload site. If I tried to post them on any video site they would be deleted immediately as being against the site's TOS rules. My account would also be deleted without questions, and I would be banned from the site. The only way to share this information is a direct download.





You guys ROCK! The information you listed really helped me!  I can now post successfully without being ghosted.
Tom P.

I'm so glad I found your site. I can finally post my sales ads with no more problems. Thank for all the help.
Mary J.

I was posting ads on Craigslist fine for a long time, then all my ads started getting ghosted. I was frustrated and couldn't get any help from Craigslist support. Finally I found your site and after joining the member section I was able to start posting again. Thanks Dude.
Jason K.

I was just trying to sell my car and kept getting ghosted. After reading the info you guys shared I was able to sell my car in two days. That was a real time saver. Thanks.
Armand S.
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