How to Stop Craigslist Ghosting, Flagging, Scams & Much More!

That is all the buzz these days, the incredible amount of Scams on Craigslist! Originally this site was created to deal with and explain the huge amount of Scams on Craigslist. Since that time we have had so many requests to look into other problems with Craigslist that we have expanded our scope. Since everyone that posts on Craigslist is affected by different problems, I decided to expand the reach of this website to cover the majority of problems that people face when making posts on Craigslist, and to give you some general information as well. This website has since become a resource of ALL THINGS Craigslist. With our ever expanding reach into every area of Craigslist you will have plenty of very detailed and useful information to read here. In fact if you find another website that is more detailed and useful than this one, and shares all it's information for FREE, I will give you CASH MONEY! I doubt you will find any website that goes into as many problems on Craigslist as we do. Gives you detailed explanations of the problems, and shows you how to deal with them. So read on and enjoy. This is not a ragging on Craigslist site, but I am honest and I do call them as I see them. In the next few pages we shall explore:

How to stop Craigslist Ghosting.

How to deal with Ghosting on Craigslist.

How to Stop Craigslist Flagging.

How to deal with flagging on Craigslist.

How to spot all types of scams on Craigslist:

Craigslist Nigerian Scam, Craigslist car scam, Craigslist Apartment scam, Craigslist Job scam, Craigslist rental scam, Craigslist mail scam, Craigslist pay pal scam, Craigslist insurance scam, Craigslist fake name scam, Craigslist ticket scam, Craigslist lottery scam, and the list goes on.

How to avoid scams on Craigslist.

How to fight back against scams on Craigslist.

How to power post on Craigslist for free.

How to deal with the Craigslist Phone Verification problems.

How to post in multiple locations on Craigslist.

How to beat Craigslist.

Since I'm sure most of you already know what Craigslist is, you may want to skip ahead and just click on the appropriate link to get more information on all the topics listed above.

For those of you who may not know what Craigslist is, or how best to use it, that is what this website is here to help you with. If you need help with Ghosting or Flagging, visit our Posting Tutorial Page.

Having trouble with the phone verification on Craigslist? Check out the Ghosting section for details on how to deal with it, and how to create hundreds of PVA accounts for free!

Want to make EASY MONEY on Craigslist? The posting tutorial videos have some great ideas on monetizing Craigslist.

Another Craigslist Jobs/Murder Scheme discovered: Read the Murder section for details.

Find this site useful? Remember to link to us and tell your friends about this site. The only way we can stop the problems and scams at Craigslist is if everyone knows about them.

The Latest On Craigslist

UPDATED Ghosting and Posting strategies for Craigslist 2013 & 2014 changes added in the Craigslist Posting Tutorial Section.

Hundreds of people scammed by Craigslist Apartment Rental Scam. Too bad they didn't read how to avoid this scam on this web site first.  Police bust Craigslist Apartment Rental Scammers

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"Craigslist THE MOVIE". Did you know that there have been 3 movies made about Craigslist? "24 Hours on Craigslist" is a Documentary which follows the Craigslist staff, Craig Newmark and the Users of Craigslist over a 24 hour period. This is a must see movie that gives you great insight into the minds of the people you are dealing with. The other movie, "Craigslist Killer" dramatizes the killing spree of one lunatic a few years back using Craigslist to find victims. Now a New Movie added "Craigslist Joe", a DocuDrama about a guy roaming the US using Craigslist to meet random people.  Watch Movies Here Now

Craigslist Customer Service is HORRIBLE is the consensus from an independent customer service ratings site. If you thought you were the only one frustrated with the lack of service at Craigslist, you are not alone. This independent site rates customer service at Craigslist at an incredible  97.09% BAD. The comments reflect what I hear all the time. Read the Review and add your Comments Here.

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How to Stop Ghosting and Flagging on Craigslist


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