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We were recently contacted by a new sponsor who wants to grow his Youtube Channel. He is willing to pay your membership to access the member's section in return for growing his channel. He understands that we have quality traffic, with quality members that he would be proud to be members of his channel, so we came to this understanding

If you would like to gain access to all the tutorial videos we have, which will help you post on Craigslist and bypass their crazy rules, you can take advantage of this offer. You would become a full member at the highest level (Level 5) so you could watch our most advanced videos and get the best training by following this offer.

To gain free access to the Member's Section you must do the following:

* Get 30 of your friends to subscribe to his page and send us an email with the names of these 30 subs and you will be given access once we verify that these subs are real. They must be subs that Youtube counts as real, not fake, not automated, not robots, etc. He is paying for REAL subs. And they MUST REMAIN subbed. Any UNSUBBING and the deal is off and your access is terminated. This is very simple folks, but lets be clear, NO CHEATING!!! There is no time limit on this so you can take as long as you need to get all the subs.

* Each new sub must also make at least 1 comment on any one video. This is to verify that these are REAL SUBS and not automated. if all the comments are the same, the they are OBVIOUSLY FAKE and will not be counted. Comments like "Cool video" or "Nice Job" will NOT count! Too OBVIOUSLY FAKE!

* Go to This Page and subscribe, then send us an email at, it's as simple as that. So if you want access to the best Craigslist posting Training on the web, you can now do it for free following these simple rules. Cheating will NOT be tolerated!

Also, to clarify, this is NOT our page, or our channel. This is a sponsor, so this is a serious offer and we will not tolerate any nonsense. You follow the rules and you get the access, very simple. This person will NOT pay for cheats!





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